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Nebulae :: M97 - Owl Nebula

M97 - Owl Nebula


Resolutions Available: 780x780 : 1560x1560
         Object M97 - Owl Nebula
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Within the constellation Ursa Major, Messier object 97 (M97 aka NGC 3587) commonly known as the Owl Nebula awakens as night falls. Round face with two dark features resembling eyes provides the similarities.

M97 is a complex planetary nebula. Like other planetary nebulae, its an expanding gas cloud from which material is being shed from the dying central star. The nebula comprises of hydrogen and oxygen atoms presented as red and teal (blue/green) respectively. The nebula is located approximately three thousand light years away.

This narrowband image is a Ha:OIII composite with an RGB overlay. Ha and OIII mapped as red and blue/green respectively. Data acquired on the Lightbuckets 24" RCOS.
         Optics RCOS 24" F/8 (4876 mm FL)
         Camera Apogee Alta U42 - 1x1 bin (image scale .57 arcsec/pix)
         Mount RCOS Professional Series Equatorial Fork
         Exposure Total exposure time: 4.9 hours
(Ha:90min,OIII:135min,RGB:72min - 24min per channel)
         Date March 2011


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